Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism

Main topics of study:

Introduction: Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism:

  • Customer Orientation
  • What is Hospitality & Tourism Marketing?
  • Marketing in the Hospitality Industry
  • Undesirable Customers
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Management Philosophies
  • Marketing’s Future
  • The Internet Changes How We Market Hospitality Products
  • Great Leaders

Service Characteristics of Hospitality & Tourism Marketing:

  • The Service Culture
  • Characteristics of Service Marketing
  • Management Strategies for Service Businesses
  • Ritz-Carlton: Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Customers
  • Overview of Service Characteristics: The Servuction Model

The Role of Marketing in Strategic Planning:

  • Nature of High-performance Businesses
  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • A Strategic Look at Starbucks Coffee
  • Business Strategy Planning
  • Unique Challenges of the Hotel Industry

The Marketing Environment:

  • The Company’s Micro-environment
  • The Company’s Macro-environment
  • Managing in Uncertain Times
  • Popcorn’s Cultural Trends
  • Linked Environmental Factors
  • Responding to the Marketing Environment

Marketing Information Systems & Marketing Research:

  • The Marketing Information System
  • A “Questionable” Questionnaire
  • Research Problem Areas
  • The Internet: A Great Source of Marketing Information
  • Marketing Research in Small Business
  • Marketing Research in Smaller Organisations

Consumer Markets & Consumer Buying Behaviour:

  • A Model of Consumer Behaviour
  • Personal Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behaviour
  • Senior Consumers
  • The San Diego Padres Baseball Club
  • The Buyer Decision Process
  • Unique Aspects of Hospitality & Travel Consumers

Organisational Behaviour of Group Market:

  • The Organisational Buying Process
  • Participants in the Organisational Buying Process
  • Major Influences on Organisational Buyers
  • Organisational Buying Decisions
  • Group Business Markets
  • Dealing with Meeting Planners
  • The Corporate Account & Corporate Travel Manager

Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning:

  • Markets
  • Market Segmentation
  • Jollibee: A Regional Fast Food Chain
  • Targeting Families by Targeting Kids
  • Market Targeting
  • “Elite-Napping” the Business Traveller
  • Market Positioning
  • Airline Positioning: Southwest Airlines

Designing & Managing Products:

  • What is a Product?
  • Product Levels
  • Augmented Product
  • Brand Decisions
  • New Product Development
  • The National Food Laboratory Helps Restaurants Develop New Products & Improve Existing Products
  • Restaurants & Hotels Develop New Product Ideas
  • Product Development Through Acquisition
  • Product Life-cycle Strategies

Internal Marketing:

  • Internal Marketing
  • When Employee Communications Go Against Customer Expectations
  • The Internal Marketing Process
  • Nonroutine Transactions

Building Customer Loyalty Through Quality:

  • Defining Customer Value & Satisfaction
  • Tracking Customer Satisfaction
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Retaining Customers
  • The Link Between Marketing & Quality
  • What is Quality?
  • Benefits of Service Quality
  • Developing a Service Quality Program
  • The Five-gap Model of Service Quality
  • Forecasting Market Demand

Pricing Products: Pricing Considerations, Approaches and Strategy:

  • Price
  • Factors to Consider When Setting Prices
  • Aspen Skiing Company Knows Out-of-State Visitors Are Less Price Sensitive
  • General Pricing Approaches
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Segmented Pricing: The Right Product to the Right Customer at the Right Time for the Right Price
  • Price Fixing
  • Other Pricing Considerations
  • Price Changes
  • The Internet Makes it Easy for Customers to Find Price Information

Distribution Channels:

  • Nature & Importance of Distribution Systems
  • Nature of Distribution Channels
  • Marketing Intermediaries
  • Top Ten Ideas for Working with Travel Agents
  • Channel Behaviour & the Organisation
  • The Hilton Model
  • Restaurant Franchising
  • Selecting Channel Members
  • Responsibilities of Channel Members & Suppliers
  • Business Location

Promoting Products: Communication & Promotion Policy & Advertising:

  • The Communication Process
  • Thank You – A Great Personal Communication
  • Establishing the Total Marketing Communications Budget
  • Managing & Coordinating Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Manage the Integrated Marketing Communication Process
  • Advertising
  • How Does an Advertising Agency Work?
  • Major Decisions in Advertising
  • Association Advertising

Promoting Products: Public Relations & Sales Promotion:

  • Public Relations
  • Taco Bell Provided Example of Creative Publicity
  • Major Activities of PR Departments
  • Publicity
  • Singapore Suntec Centre
  • The Public Relations Process
  • Major Tools in Marketing PR
  • Public Relations Opportunities for the Hospitality Industry
  • Crisis Management
  • Sales Promotion
  • Local Store Marketing

Electronic Marketing: Internet Marketing, Database Marketing and Direct Marketing:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Using the Web to Market Tourism Destinations
  • Web Site Development
  • Business-to-Business E-commerce
  • Developing a Marketing Database System
  • Using your Database for Customer Research: Defining the Power of Your Loyal Customers
  • Gazelle Systems Brings Database Marketing to Restaurants
  • Manhattan East Suite Hotels Gives Customers What They Want Before They Ask
  • Direct Marketing

Professional Sales:

  • Management of Professional Sales
  • Nature of Hospitality Sales
  • Sales Force Objectives
  • Sales Force Structure & Size
  • Organising the Sales Department
  • Relationship Marketing & Strategic Alliances
  • Recruiting & Training a Professional Sales Force
  • Managing the Sales Force

Destination Marketing:

  • The Globalization of the Tourist Industry
  • Importance of Tourism to a Destination’s Economy
  • Stop the Brutal Marketing
  • Tourism Strategies & Investments
  • Gambling on Central City
  • Segmenting & Monitoring the Tourist Market
  • Maryland Office of Tourism Development Case Study
  • Communicating with the Tourist Market
  • Organising & Managing Tourism Marketing
  • National Tourism Organisations: How They Work

Next Year’s Marketing Plan:

  • Purpose of a Marketing Plan
  • Section I: Executive Summary
  • Section II: Corporate Connection
  • Section III: Environmental Analysis & Forecasting
  • Section IV: Segmentation & Targeting
  • Section V: Next Year’s Objectives & Quotas
  • Section VI: Action Plans: Strategies & Tactics
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Section VII: Resources Needed to Support Strategies & Meet Objectives
  • Section VIII: Marketing Control
  • Section IX: Presenting & Selling the Plan
  • Section X: Preparing for the Future