Principles of Control

Main Topics of Study:

  • General Principles of Prevention – Avoiding, Evaluating and Controlling Risks / Collective and Individual Protective Measures / Roles, categories and features of safety signs
  • Hierarchy of Control – Elimination or Substitution / Exposure Reduction / Isolation and Segregation / Engineering Controls / Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safe Systems of Work – Employers Duty / Competent Persons / Employee Involvement / Written Procedures / Writing a method statement / Forms of Control / Development of Safe Systems of Work
  • Permits to Work – Operation of the Permit System / Typical Permit and Appropriate Circumstances – Hot Work, Work on Electrical Systems, Confined Spaces, Plant Maintenance.
  • Emergency Procedures – Objectives of developing Emergency Procedures / Requirements for First Aid Provision / Arrangements for contacting Emergency and Rescue Services / Emergency Cover for Shift Work and Remote Locations