Public Sector Strategy

Main topics of study:

Implications of Publicity for Strategic Management Theory

  • Private Sector Model
  • How Public Sector Management Differs
  • Implications for Content Theories of Strategic Management
  • Implications for Process Theories

Processes of Strategy Development in the Public Sector

  • Framework for Strategy Development Process
  • Strategy as Managerial Intent
  • Strategy as Outcome of Organisational Processes
  • Imposed Strategy

Global Influences on the Public Sector

  • PEST Analysis
  • Scenarios
  • Five Forces Analysis in Healthcare
  • Strategic Group Analysis

Trust and Distrust in Regulation and Enforcement

  • Defining Regulation
  • Regulatory Cycle
  • Trust or Distrust


  • What is Benchmarking?
  • Importance of Benchmarking
  • Different Approaches
  • Getting Started
  • Making it a Success

Best Value Initiative

  • What it is
  • Architecture of Best Value
  • Experience

Maslin Multi Dimensional Matrix

  • Limitations of the Boston Matrix
  • Montanari Matrix
  • Maslin Multi-Dimensional Matrix

Stakeholder Mapping

  • Power/Interest Matrix
  • Creating Stakeholder Maps
  • Establishing Political Priorities
  • Ethical Considerations

Implications of Ownership for Strategy

  • Government Ownership and Performance
  • Implementing Change
  • Organisational Forms

Formation and Control of Public Private Partnerships

  • Partnering as Co-operative Strategy
  • Types of Partnership
  • Propensity to Partner
  • Public Accountability
  • Stakeholder Approach

Public Sector Partnerships

  • Development of Partnerships
  • Types of Partnership
  • Propensity to Partnerships
  • Characteristics of Successful Partnerships
  • Adding Value Through Partnerships
  • Stakeholder Relationships in Partnerships

Strategy and Structures in the Public Sector

  • Managing a Portfolio of Services
  • Synergy School
  • Parenting School
  • Centralisation and Devolution
  • Organisational Configurations

Devolution and Control

  • Analytical Framework
  • Directors
  • Tensions and Conflict
  • Synergy

Business Process Re-engineering in the Public Sector

  • Growing Critique of BPR
  • Problems of Empowerment
  • Problems of Commitment

Relationship between Quality, Approaches to Management Control and the Achievement of Best Value in Public Sector Professional Service Organisations

  • Classical and Romantic Traditions in Quality
  • Quality and Management Control Within Organisations

Mapping Organisational Culture

  • Concept of Culture and the Cultural Web
  • Value of Culture Mapping
  • Mapping Organisational Culture
  • Discussing Cultural Webs
  • Identifying Blockages to Change
  • Value of Re-mapping Organisational Culture
  • Re-mapping Organisational Culture
  • Mapping Strategic Change