International Relations Research Project

This is not available as a Single Subject.

Unit Requirements and Guidelines:

Subject and Grade

  • The topic will have to be agreed by a local tutor who will follow the student’s progress in his/her research project and will decide when he or she has reached satisfactory completion. It will then be graded in the UK by ICM appointed examiners, together with all other examination papers and will be subject to the same examinations grades, registration procedure and results publications as examination papers.

Language and Format

  • The report, including quotations should be written in English, minimum 4,000 and maximum 5,000 words in length, completed electronically.

Text Development and Coherence

  • The report should be computer printed on white A4 paper in Times New Roman, single-sided, single-spaced; pages should be numbered; new chapters to start on new pages; after the title page there should be an abstract or executive summary of between 100 to 250 words, followed by a table of content on the next page; a list of sources used in the report must be supplied and the list should only include sources cited in the report.

Use of Sources

  • All source materials must be credited and correctly cited in full, including illustrations, charts, tables, etc. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and will result automatically in a failing grade.