Sport & the Media

Main Topics of Study:

Sport Media Foundations

  • Defining sport & the media
  • Sport media saturation
  • Managing the nexus
  • What is driving the sport media nexus – Technology, Commercialisation, Convergence, Globalisation?
  • Media games: the evolution of the nexus
  • Pay television, Internet, Mobile technologies

Sport Media Landscapes

  • The sport and media industries
  • Key media players
  • Key sport players
  • Broadcast rights and revenue
  • The value of rights
  • Sports sponsorship and media
  • Sport media regulation
  • Sport media texts
  • Sport media production
  • Implications for sport media management

Sport Media Strategies

  • Sport media planning and promotion
  • Getting to know the media
  • Media coverage opportunities
  • Media communications
  • Feeding the media
  • Media conferences
  • Media events
  • The commodity of sport celebrity
  • What are sports stars? Player management
  • Managing crises, scandals and reputations
  • Crisis and scandal management

Sport Media Futures

  • A brave new world
  • Nexus drivers
  • Ownership, rights and regulations
  • New media
  • Global players and niche markets
  • Positive or negative coverage
  • Sport celebrity