Sports Marketing Management

Main Topics of Study:

Introduction to Sports Marketing

  • Marketing and sport marketing/ Relationship between philosophy, processes principles and tools of sport marketing/ Components of the sport marketing framework

Sport markets and consumers

  • Size and scope of the sport industry/ The unique features of sport as a product/ How the special features of sport impact upon sport marketing/ Different motives consumers have for buying sport products and services/ External factors that can influence the behaviour of sport consumers

Sports marketing opportunities

  • Identification of potential sport marketing opportunities/ Using SW-OT and PEST effectively as meaningful tools of sport marketing/ Importance of competitor analysis

Sports marketing strategies

  • The process of determining a strategic marketing direction/ Factors critical to setting performance measures/ Determining a core sport marketing strategy/ Market positioning and market segmentation and the main approaches/ Major elements of the marketing mix

The marketing mix for sport

  • Key characteristics of sport products/ Process of NPD/ Concept of pruduct life cycle/ Building a sport brand/ Factors that influence price sensitivity and pricing itself/ common pricing strategies used in the sport industry/ Basic concepts of sport distribution and issues in ticket distribution/ Elements of the promotions mix/ Planning a sport promotions approach

Sport sponsorship

  • Key elements of sponsorship targeting/ Principles of sponsorship evaluation/ Concept of ambush marketing in sport

Sport services

  • Differences between sport goods and services/ Key variables of quality service/ The three elements of the sport services marketing mix/ Defining customer satisfaction/ Process of customer relationship marketing

Sports marketing & the new media

  • New media and new media marketing/ Six key principles of new media sport marketing/ Broad categories of new media technologies

Managing sport marketing through implementation & control

  • Importance of implementation and control strategies in a sport marketing management strategy/ Successfully transforming a sport marketing strategy into action/ Linking the control process to improved strategic decisions/ Ethical and social responsibilities of sport marketers