Strategic Management in Hospitality

Main topics of study:

The Nature of Services:

  • The Growing Importance of Services
  • Services: What Makes Them Special?
  • A Closer Look at Services
  • The Role of Service Classifications

Defining the Service Concept:

  • Why Do We Need a Service Concept?
  • How to Define the Service Concept
  • Implementing the Service Concept
  • The Service Concept as a Guiding Framework: an Overview of its Main Ingredients
  • Why Not All Service Concepts are Alike

Servitisation: Or Why Services Management is Relevant for Manufacturing Environments.

  • From Goods to Services
  • Why Servitisation?
  • Making the Transition

Relationship Marketing:

  • Relationship Marketing: New Words to an Old Tune?
  • Linking Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Profitability
  • Lifetime Value: the Link with Profitability
  • How to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
  • Setting Objectives in Service Marketing

Promoting Services:

  • What is so Different about Promoting Services?
  • The Basic Building Blocks of Promotion
  • Designing a Marketing Communications Strategy for Services
  • Drawing up a Promotion Plan

Pricing Services:

  • Developing a Framework for Pricing Decisions
  • Pricing Objectives
  • Pricing Strategies
  • How to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
  • Pricing Structure
  • Pricing Levels and Tactics

Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management:

  • Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  • A Service Satisfaction Framework
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Complaint Management

Service Guarantees and Service-level Agreements:

  • Service Guarantees
  • Service-level Agreements
  • Internal Service Guarantees and Service-level Agreements

The Role of Human Resource Practices in Service OrganiSations:

  • The Nature of Services
  • Human Resource Management for Services

Competencies and Service Organisations:

  • Designing Competency-based HR Practices
  • Linking Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Profitability
  • Competencies for Service Organisations

Collaboration: Integrating Work and Learning:

  • The Benefits of Collaboration in the Workplace
  • The Broader Relevance of Collaboration to Services
  • The Role of Collaboration in Learning
  • Collaboration as the Central Theme
  • Establishing Collaborative Relationships

The Role of Empowerment in Service Organisations:

  • The Relevance of Empowerment for Service Environments
  • Empowerment: the Employee and the Supervisor
  • Empowerment: the Organisation

Role Stress Among Front-line Employees:

  • Relevance of Role Stress for the Service Encounter
  • Linking Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Profitability
  • Role Stress Defined
  • Handling Role Stress for Front-line Employees

Service Process Design and Management:

  • Process Choice
  • Process Design
  • Process Monitoring
  • Process Evaluation
  • Process Re-engineering

Capacity Management:

  • Capacity and Capacity Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Scheduling Capacity
  • Managing the Demand Side
  • The Psychology and Managerial Consequences of Waiting

Facilities Management:

  • The Nature of Facilities Management in Services
  • The Nature of Facilities Management in Services
  • Location
  • How to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
  • Designing the Servicescape

IT Developments and their Impact on Services:

  • The Network Era – Where Do We Stand?
  • The Impact of IT Developments on Service Encounters
  • Action Strategies for the New Media

Performance Measurement Systems in Service Firms:

  • Designing Performance Measurement Systems for Services
  • Implementing an Integrated Performance Measurement System

Managing Innovation in a Service Environment:

  • Innovations as Spiral Processes: the Value-constellation Approach
  • Innovation Portfolio Management
  • Organising the Innovation Portfolio: the Make-or-Buy Decision
  • The Operational Management of Innovation

Managing Services across National Boundaries:

  • Why Internationalise?
  • Drivers Towards Internationalisation
  • Culture and Cultural Differences
  • Internationalisation Strategies

Defining a Service Strategy:

  • The Nature of Strategic Management
  • The Challenges of Strategic Management for Services