Supply Chain Management

Main topics of study:

Core Concepts

  • Information Systems & Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory
  • Supply Chain Relationships
  • Challenges Facing Supply Chain Managers

Role of Information Systems & Technology

  • Importance of Information in an Integrated Supply Chain Management Environment
  • Interorganisational Information Systems
  • Information Requirements Determination for a Supply Chain 10lS
  • Information Technology Applications for Supply Chain Management

Managing the Flow of Materials Across the Supply Chain

  • Understanding Supply Chains
  • Reengineering Supply Chain Logistics
  • Importance of Time
  • Performance Measurement

Developing & Maintaining Supply Chain Relationship

  • Conceptual Model of Alliance Development
  • Developing Trusting Relationships with Partners in the Supply Chain
  • Resolving Conflicts in a Supply Chain Relationship

Future Challenges in Supply Chain Management

  • Sharing Risks in Interorganisational Relationships
  • Managing the Global Supply Chain
  • Greening of the Supply Chain
  • Design for Supply Chain Management
  • Intelligent Information Systems