The ICM Guide to Study Techniques and Exam Success

9:00am GMT, Wednesday, 11 April 2007

This 120-page guide is an invaluable text for all students wishing to improve their examination performance, results and grades. The book covers the following areas: Descriptive and Analytical Essays; Free Expression Essays; Summaries; Numerical Work and Illustrations; How Examiners Mark Work; Case Studies – Mini Studies – Assignments & Reports; Orals, Aurals; Practicals and Objective Tests.

A section on Study Skills covers the following: Personal Preparation; Getting the Facts Right; Reading and Word Power; How to Remember Information and Revising.

The book is available free of charge to all registered ICM students undertaking an ICM Professional programme. It is also free of charge to all ICM students preparing for any ICM Single Subject examination.

To obtain your free copy contact your ICM Approved Teaching Centre.